With the iPad 5 just around the corner along with the iPad mini 2, many rumours are hinting towards an april 2013 new iPad 5 release date. 
I for one, am extremely excited as the rumours suggest the new ipad 5 could possibly have a whole redesign. While the iphone 5 got a wider screen and the new lightning connector, could we expect to see the same for the ipad 5? 
If your looking to buy an iPad 4 then you should definitely be waiting for the spring release of the iPad 5, although if you do go for an ipad 4 then shop around as many stores are now slashing the cost of the ipad 4 in anticipation of the new ipad 5.
Another great rumoured iPad 5 feature is the use of the apple A7 quad core processor and it could be thinner and lighter than the iPad 4. 
Whatever the outcome you can be sure it will be exciting. With current news reports stating the iPad is better than android tablets, the iPad 5 could be an android tablet killer - if apple get the price right for once :)

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