This is one of the best things to do on an iPad! Feature points, fun things to do on an ipad
This now works for your android devices too, earn double the rewards! I have been busy lately testing some new websites, many failed for the ipad and i never received any rewards, however this little gem turned out to be great, my amazon balance is now growing all the time.
If your looking for some make money ipad apps then this is the one for you.

Cool things to do on an ipad, best things to do on an ipad
By downloading free apple appstore apps you can earn points fast and easy, each app earns 90-500+ points.
There is a whole host of fun and cool prizes you can collect even on your first day!
Save your points and get Paid apps for free! Including apps like Angry birds star wars, bad piggies, Batman arkham city lockdown, Call of duty: Black Ops zombies, NOVA 3- near orbit vanguard alliance, The dark knight rises and infinity blade II.
Cashout daily for your apps or collect itunes giftcards, Amazon giftcards as low as $1 + (For just 600 points! Thats just a few free apps!)
Claim an iPad mini 16GB Wifi worth $329 straight from the prize wall!
You also get the chance to earn a whopping 50% of the points your friends get by referring them. If they download just one basic 90 point free app you get 45 points! And then the same on every app after for life! Ask yourself how many of your friends have an iPhone 4,4S,5, iPad,2,3,4, iPad mini, iPod touch? You can refer them all and earn 50% from each person! Then cash out daily or go for the iPad mini.
Are you good at making youtube videos well make that skill pay off for you by entering the monthly iPad competition. Create a video about feature points and submit it, and you can be chosen to win either an ipad mini (if your from the US or Canada) or $300 paypal gift (if you are outside the US or Canada). Your search for how to make easy money online with an ipad is over. I have found it to be one of the best things to do on ipad so far!
And you can either keep the free apps you downloaded or delete them once credited. This is a great way to find new releases of some of the best ipad apps available and you get paid for something you would have done for free anyway!
Want to get started? Heres the best guide around.

Join Feature points by clicking here.

Ipad 1, ipad 2, ipad 3, ipad 4 Install the profile as shown in this picture, as you will note this is safe and allows Feature points to identify your device this does not make any changes to your ipad.
best free apps for ipad

Once installed you will be able to save the page as an app on your home screen.
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Then you can start downloading free apps straight away using the links in feature points. Look for the top 5 apps that are around 170+ points each when you first start the majority after will be 90 points with a bonus of 45 for each friend who downloads that app too.
Make money ipad apps, iphone apps

Your then given the option to download the app or reccommend it to a friend for 50% of the points like in this iphone picture below.
Make money on an ipad

Make sure you keep the app open for atleast 30 seconds and complete any tutorials before you go back to feature points to ensure it credits. Once this is completed go back to feature points and continue on for a few more apps.

Check out the reward pages and claim a reward, whether its a free paid app from the appstore or amazon or itunes gift cards. Its really easy and any that are sold out just redeem early the next day. Apps are updated for all the popular apps and usually have around 150 copies of each app to be claimed everyday!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


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