My Freebie has arrived!

Once again I recieved this in just three days, I am so happy it gets here so quick.
All I did was, completed the offers to get just 600 points (this can easily be done within two days! One day to do the offers and one day to allow them all to credit) I then went to PRIZES> Custom order> then entered the link from the item I wanted on amazon. Worked out the points on the calculator they provide and that's it they taken the six points and I recieved this three days later. Can't knock it for free eh?!

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Here it is out of the envelope.

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And here it is in more detail.

Now I'm going to use this to get something good so far I am left with 15.05 points which is already nearly £10 on amazon but I save this now and continue to build these points.

I am also using another website called topcashback. This site gives you cash back on your high street offers but has free offers too, where so far I have accumulated £7.62 just by completing these free offers, I can withdraw this at anytime (no minimum threshold)and they give you a whopping £10 per referral once they have reached £10 in earnings) I have already had a few £50s out of these an absolute must have for anyone.

So I am targeting my self for (2 months) November 30th 2012 to have the money from this Topcashback site and the points from Prizerebel to buy myself something extra special :) any ideas what I should get?

Get your iPhone 5 for free here!

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That's right you can now get an iPhone 5 delivered straight to your door for FREE.
How it works and how to cheat the system :)
For example if you want free Xbox live you need just two referrals,
And you can complete an offer on there page plus the two referrals to get your free Xbox live or (what they don't advertise accept in the terms and conditions) just get 3 extra referrals instead of doing an offer.
Then for just 5 referrals you can get free Xbox live and it cost you nothing!
They have now added the iPhone 5! And I'm already half way to completing mine so please feel free to help, and get yourself an iPhone 5 for free or even an iPad 3? Or even (when released) the future iPad mini!
This can be repeated over and over again until your sick of getting free stuff!!!
Don't delay, get yours by simply registering By clicking here
Then add it to your list of things to refer. 100% worthwhile.


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