How to make money using
just your iPad!

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I have been successfully earning an income and prizes using the following websites for over a year and I'm now deciding to share my knowledge to show you how you too can earn an income online using your apple iPad.

I work at home in the UK and use an ipad on 3. These sites work for UK users and American users and many other countries. If your looking to get a new ipad on finance maybe - then read this first!

Have you ever found yourself asking how can I make money? Do you often google how to make money and can't find anything? Looking for ways to make money for the kids?
Would you like to make money with an iPad? Follow my steps below.

I will list all the websites I currently earn an income through with a guide on how to work these websites in your favour and how to ensure they are iPad compatible.

Follow the guides below and copy me to make free money online with your apple iPad.

What you will need to make money with an iPad 
1) an apple iPad with wifi only, an iPad with 3G or an iPad with 4G (also works with your home computer, an iPhone, iPod touch and android devices too)
2) a bit of spare time (not much needed depends how successful you want to be ofcourse)
3) Access to the Internet through either wifi or 3G/4G
4) determination to earn lots of cash and prizes!

I will keep the blog updated with all the latest websites I have found to make money with your iPad for free, So please check out the rss feeds.
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Make money with your iPad with
these links below.

1) Prize rebel - still one of the longest running and most reputable websites out there to get free cash, free Facebook credits, free iTunes vouchers 5,10,15,20,25,50. Free computer games for your Xbox 360 including free subscription and free Microsoft points, free kinect games, free play station 3 games and game cards, free wii games and a whole host of online game vouchers for games like world of Warcraft, Runescape and steam games and so much more! Minimum payout for a prize is only 500 points achievable within days so you can try it out yourself first then save for more or go on for a bigger prize. Be sure to enter the raffle tickets too I earned 500 points just for entering there monthly prize draw.

(Regular offers are only for United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australian residents. If you are not from any of these countries you can still earn points/cash and claim prizes. Please see the External Offers section and the referral section on how)

Tips: I would first set up a free email by googling gmail then sign up. This is used for a spam account only so you don't have to get spammed on your main account this will only be used to complete offers and do surveys

Step one
Head over to prize rebel and sign up, ensure you use your real details at this stage as this is where you get your gifts. Ensure to use your real email too as this is where you get your codes for your vouchers. For example I recently requested a £25 iTunes voucher and they emailed me the voucher redeem code which then worked in iTunes for £25 worth of apps and music etc (not bad for free!)

Step two
Now using your fake account you should start to complete the offers on the website by going to Get points> Complete offers.
There are pages of offers to complete from surveys to simply just joining a new website, then clicking on the email confirmation link in your email. (Please read each offers individual requirements)
(be aware that some offers can take 24 hours to update in your balance)
As you can see these range from 1 points to 300 points meaning you can get your first prize within a few hours/ days collecting 50 points or almost immediately by completing the 200 and 300 point offers.

**Cash Madness offer now on! See the cash madness banner when you sign up for more info**
Step three
The exciting bit! Once you have enough points you can select the prizes section (you can also set this to cash in settings if you would rather cash) select the prize you wish to redeem (Ensure your registered details are correct first!) then hit redeem and your prize will be with you within day's! Not all the offers work with the iPads browsers and some are a bit hit and miss but you can also do task on the site where you can do data entry, checking eBay adverts to catorgorizing twitter comments etc all of these are the fastest way to earn points.

Step four
Enjoy your prize!
Then start to refer your own friends to the site, you will get 20% of the points they will earn and then they will earn your prizes for you, so spread your link everywhere, including your school, workplace etc you only need 5 people to earn 5 points per week then that will earn you 5 points per week to go for the bigger prizes.

Total money spent £0. Prizes earned from the site to date are iTunes vouchers, halo 3, £50 custom order on amazon for my Xbox 360 gold case, Microsoft points 800, Facebook credits, next order is a custom order for Itunes Vouchers.


2) Topcashback - the UKs most generous cash back website offers lots of ways to make extra cash from your high street purchases to completing research pages and visiting companies like O2, Argos, Amazon, tesco's, currys and loads loads more.
I was previously going to buy my phone from O2 on contract I followed the link on this website and got a whopping £60 cash back! Which I would not have got from O2 otherwise.
I now use this for nearly every purchase I make so I'm saving a fortune on what I would normally buy.
Now the generous bit is their referral system which gives you a whopping £10 per referral for each person you get to sign up and you never have to spend a penny, so refer your parents, friends and work colleagues and earn a fortune, I use the money I earn from referrals to buy stuff and get cash back for that too.
It's very simple to turn 10 referrals into 100 (which I will show you how to below)

For a limited time this is now £15 per referral! (I've been inviting friends on Facebook and am loving this website as its one of my favourites for making money with an ipad and makes you lots of money) 

Step one
Head over to Topcashback website using this link here. Create an account and start completing the free offers you should get to about £4-5 in the first day.
Step two
Once you have a good feel of the site then start to refer your friends(so that you can answer any questions your friends may have) you will be given your own link to email your friends to ask them to join. For each friend that signs up you will get £10.
Step three
Withdraw your money and enjoy the rewards.

Free £20

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Free 20 quid is another great place to make serious money just for doing surveys and offers for example I recently opened a new bank account with Santander and got £30 for doing what I was already going to do. Best of all, I renewed my car insurance and got £115 cash back! I now pay just £102 per year for my insurance with cash back. The best thing about this site is it does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you £20 for FREE!
Check back again soon as more to be added! With more iPad deals and reviews.


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