Get paid to watch videos on your ipad!

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Hello readers! Today im bringing you news on a new app coming from Feature points.
In this new app called Flickpoints you are able to watch videos and get paid for each one!
First of all you should join Feature points and then download the flick points app from there. This ensures you get paid for downloading the flickpoints app too!
Feature points is great for trialing new apps and getting paid for downloading free apps, flickpoints is the new add-on app that allows you to watch 30 second video app trailers on your iPad, then use your reward points to exchange for Amazon, iTunes gift cards and many more or cash in and get a paid app from the appstore for free!
The balance on Feature points and the new Flick points are combined to make it easier to do both and get your rewards faster.
Its easy to do and can be done on 3/4G or wifi iPad, its as easy as downloading a free app from the apple app store! Join Feature points today and get paid to watch videos on your iPad.


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