How to make money using
just your iPad!

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I have been successfully earning an income and prizes using the following websites for over a year and I'm now deciding to share my knowledge to show you how you too can earn an income online using your apple iPad.

I work at home in the UK and use an ipad on 3. These sites work for UK users and American users and many other countries. If your looking to get a new ipad on finance maybe - then read this first!

Have you ever found yourself asking how can I make money? Do you often google how to make money and can't find anything? Looking for ways to make money for the kids?
Would you like to make money with an iPad? Follow my steps below.

I will list all the websites I currently earn an income through with a guide on how to work these websites in your favour and how to ensure they are iPad compatible.

Follow the guides below and copy me to make free money online with your apple iPad.

What you will need to make money with an iPad 
1) an apple iPad with wifi only, an iPad with 3G or an iPad with 4G (also works with your home computer, an iPhone, iPod touch and android devices too)
2) a bit of spare time (not much needed depends how successful you want to be ofcourse)
3) Access to the Internet through either wifi or 3G/4G
4) determination to earn lots of cash and prizes!

I will keep the blog updated with all the latest websites I have found to make money with your iPad for free, So please check out the rss feeds.
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Make money with your iPad with
these links below.

1) Prize rebel - still one of the longest running and most reputable websites out there to get free cash, free Facebook credits, free iTunes vouchers 5,10,15,20,25,50. Free computer games for your Xbox 360 including free subscription and free Microsoft points, free kinect games, free play station 3 games and game cards, free wii games and a whole host of online game vouchers for games like world of Warcraft, Runescape and steam games and so much more! Minimum payout for a prize is only 500 points achievable within days so you can try it out yourself first then save for more or go on for a bigger prize. Be sure to enter the raffle tickets too I earned 500 points just for entering there monthly prize draw.

(Regular offers are only for United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australian residents. If you are not from any of these countries you can still earn points/cash and claim prizes. Please see the External Offers section and the referral section on how)

Tips: I would first set up a free email by googling gmail then sign up. This is used for a spam account only so you don't have to get spammed on your main account this will only be used to complete offers and do surveys

Step one
Head over to prize rebel and sign up, ensure you use your real details at this stage as this is where you get your gifts. Ensure to use your real email too as this is where you get your codes for your vouchers. For example I recently requested a £25 iTunes voucher and they emailed me the voucher redeem code which then worked in iTunes for £25 worth of apps and music etc (not bad for free!)

Step two
Now using your fake account you should start to complete the offers on the website by going to Get points> Complete offers.
There are pages of offers to complete from surveys to simply just joining a new website, then clicking on the email confirmation link in your email. (Please read each offers individual requirements)
(be aware that some offers can take 24 hours to update in your balance)
As you can see these range from 1 points to 300 points meaning you can get your first prize within a few hours/ days collecting 50 points or almost immediately by completing the 200 and 300 point offers.

**Cash Madness offer now on! See the cash madness banner when you sign up for more info**
Step three
The exciting bit! Once you have enough points you can select the prizes section (you can also set this to cash in settings if you would rather cash) select the prize you wish to redeem (Ensure your registered details are correct first!) then hit redeem and your prize will be with you within day's! Not all the offers work with the iPads browsers and some are a bit hit and miss but you can also do task on the site where you can do data entry, checking eBay adverts to catorgorizing twitter comments etc all of these are the fastest way to earn points.

Step four
Enjoy your prize!
Then start to refer your own friends to the site, you will get 20% of the points they will earn and then they will earn your prizes for you, so spread your link everywhere, including your school, workplace etc you only need 5 people to earn 5 points per week then that will earn you 5 points per week to go for the bigger prizes.

Total money spent £0. Prizes earned from the site to date are iTunes vouchers, halo 3, £50 custom order on amazon for my Xbox 360 gold case, Microsoft points 800, Facebook credits, next order is a custom order for Itunes Vouchers.


2) Topcashback - the UKs most generous cash back website offers lots of ways to make extra cash from your high street purchases to completing research pages and visiting companies like O2, Argos, Amazon, tesco's, currys and loads loads more.
I was previously going to buy my phone from O2 on contract I followed the link on this website and got a whopping £60 cash back! Which I would not have got from O2 otherwise.
I now use this for nearly every purchase I make so I'm saving a fortune on what I would normally buy.
Now the generous bit is their referral system which gives you a whopping £10 per referral for each person you get to sign up and you never have to spend a penny, so refer your parents, friends and work colleagues and earn a fortune, I use the money I earn from referrals to buy stuff and get cash back for that too.
It's very simple to turn 10 referrals into 100 (which I will show you how to below)

For a limited time this is now £15 per referral! (I've been inviting friends on Facebook and am loving this website as its one of my favourites for making money with an ipad and makes you lots of money) 

Step one
Head over to Topcashback website using this link here. Create an account and start completing the free offers you should get to about £4-5 in the first day.
Step two
Once you have a good feel of the site then start to refer your friends(so that you can answer any questions your friends may have) you will be given your own link to email your friends to ask them to join. For each friend that signs up you will get £10.
Step three
Withdraw your money and enjoy the rewards.

Free £20

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Free 20 quid is another great place to make serious money just for doing surveys and offers for example I recently opened a new bank account with Santander and got £30 for doing what I was already going to do. Best of all, I renewed my car insurance and got £115 cash back! I now pay just £102 per year for my insurance with cash back. The best thing about this site is it does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you £20 for FREE!
Check back again soon as more to be added! With more iPad deals and reviews.
How to get those vital referrals to boost your earnings
The easiest way to get referrals and hits to your referral link, website or blog is by choosing the top traffic exchange website called EasyHits4U.
This website provides you with all the quality hits you will need.
How does it work?
EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange website with a 1:1 ratio for viewers.
You view a site, they view your site! For every site you view you will get a viewer to your site allowing you to create a huge list of referrals using the websites in my post.
Step One Head over to EasyHits4U and sign up.

Step Two Enter your URL into the My Sites link click accept and the page will load with your site. Be aware you have to leave the page for the 15 seconds to verify it then click continue.

Step Three Hit the Start Surfing link above (I usually choose the 20 second adverts to get maximum credits)then view the page it offers.

Step Four In the top left you will see a image capture box and a timer. When this timer says GO then you select one of the images in the box that has a duplicate image to get your first credit.
You now have your first hit credit! Continue this for the first 25 pages and you will get a prize of more free hits to your website link! And then continue with another 25 and you will get another prize. The further you go the bigger the rewards.

Step Five Go To my account, then My Sites and add your credits earned to your site.
Doing this for around an hour a day brings you around 100 hits per day plus more with rewards.
The EasyHits4u site also offers URL rotators, text links, banner adverts and works the same as above method, once you set up all of them your hits will increase tenfold!
Therefore more referrals for your program's you chosen from the list above!

Get 1000 forum backlinks to boost your position in search engines
purchase backlinks

Free Google+ and other social networking likes How to get google+, Facebook, YouTube, and many other social networking likes to your page by visiting Social Media Explode and registering your website or blog. Increase your likes on your page and get real hits to your site, real viewers just like you!

Get ref builds you referrals from interested viewers
Boost your sign ups with Get-ref, this site is great because you actually get sign ups! You post a job of what program you need sign ups for, then people apply complete offers and then you pay them in credits. Its easy to earn free credits too!

If your in the UK get your lotto tickets for FREE just for googling

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That's right FREE,
Tuesdays and fridays Euromillions and euromillions raffle ticket for FREE
Wednesday and Saturday's lotto draw ticket for FREE
Easy register at search lotto and instead of using google or yahoo etc as your default search engine you always goto, search through search lottos web search and for every 25 searches you WILL get a a free lotto ticket into the next available real lotto draw. You can even print off your ticket to check at home!

Everyone should do this as this is a perfect opportunity to win some real money
and it's FREE! Join here FREE

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Not affiliated with the national lottery but they do get you free lotto tickets for the UK lotto :)

My next prize is on its way


Prize Rebel Prize Update
Hello again guys and girls, just as an update I have just put in a prize claim with prizerebel again. I was going to get iTunes vouchers but I cannot find any on amazon so I have settled for something else.
Here is the link to what I have ordered (there's not many left so I'm not sure how long this link will last)but here it is.

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I have ordered an iPad telescope and adapter which was on amazon for £14.55 I have got it for FREE once again. By completing offers on prizerebel I have put in this custom prize order, which I chose from amazon myself. The next day it was approved and is now on its way.

Here is my confirmation email from Prizerebel:

Dear Paul,

Your prize request has been approved, most items will reach you within 7-21 days but it can take up to 2-4 weeks for prize delivery. Please note that if you ordered your item from a seller located in Asia it may take 2-6 weeks for delivery.

Thank you,
I will update you with a review when my item arrives, unfortunately I chose an item from Asia so it may be a little while but at least I know it's coming. Then I will do a quick test review so you can see I have the gift physically in front of me.

Now is probably one of the best times to join Prizerebel as they currently have many different ways to earn points. I've only been doing one or two offers in my spare time each day, and that's all it takes.
You can earn points by completing task by likeing Facebook pages to doing short surveys, or simply register on a website and then click the confirmation email. It's sooooo simple. I have done a lot of the external task as these have been crediting with high points value and also the daily task are great, I got 5 points alone just by doing the daily task this week. That's enough for your first prize alone! But keep saving and get something bigger its worth it!
My prizes are here
My prizes are here, actually they came a long while ago, within a week infact. I've had a little issue moving the blog to my domain name and then the post all mixed up, it was a nightmare. Hopefully I have resolved it now by changing the dates on the post to change the order of my post.
Anyway as you can see from the pictures I got my prize, and it's pretty cool I must say. I've tried to take lots of pictures for you all. Remember I got this for FREE!

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Here it is boxed up, how I recieved it.

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Here is my FREE iPad telescope, it clips onto the back and gives me digital zoom and massively improves the distance on far away buildings etc.
Remember to get yours for free too, you must register to Prizerebel and follow my instructions above to get your first freebie.

Next up is a memory card reader and USb adapter also known as the camera connection kit. The one I found on amazon also comes with a handy stylus pen included. This is costing me just 600 points and I have already had plenty saved up since my last post. I will update again once this has arrived.

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Come back again soon!

My Freebie has arrived!

Once again I recieved this in just three days, I am so happy it gets here so quick.
All I did was, completed the offers to get just 600 points (this can easily be done within two days! One day to do the offers and one day to allow them all to credit) I then went to PRIZES> Custom order> then entered the link from the item I wanted on amazon. Worked out the points on the calculator they provide and that's it they taken the six points and I recieved this three days later. Can't knock it for free eh?!

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Here it is out of the envelope.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
And here it is in more detail.

Now I'm going to use this to get something good so far I am left with 15.05 points which is already nearly £10 on amazon but I save this now and continue to build these points.

I am also using another website called topcashback. This site gives you cash back on your high street offers but has free offers too, where so far I have accumulated £7.62 just by completing these free offers, I can withdraw this at anytime (no minimum threshold)and they give you a whopping £10 per referral once they have reached £10 in earnings) I have already had a few £50s out of these an absolute must have for anyone.

So I am targeting my self for (2 months) November 30th 2012 to have the money from this Topcashback site and the points from Prizerebel to buy myself something extra special :) any ideas what I should get?

Get your iPhone 5 for free here!

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That's right you can now get an iPhone 5 delivered straight to your door for FREE.
How it works and how to cheat the system :)
For example if you want free Xbox live you need just two referrals,
And you can complete an offer on there page plus the two referrals to get your free Xbox live or (what they don't advertise accept in the terms and conditions) just get 3 extra referrals instead of doing an offer.
Then for just 5 referrals you can get free Xbox live and it cost you nothing!
They have now added the iPhone 5! And I'm already half way to completing mine so please feel free to help, and get yourself an iPhone 5 for free or even an iPad 3? Or even (when released) the future iPad mini!
This can be repeated over and over again until your sick of getting free stuff!!!
Don't delay, get yours by simply registering By clicking here
Then add it to your list of things to refer. 100% worthwhile.

New make money site trial

Search & Win

I have spent the last 12 days trying out the swag bucks website, and it seems to be going well. I have been collecting points and aiming for 1600 points for an iTunes voucher. This is going well so far and I'm just 300 points from either ordering my first prize or going for a bigger prize. As always I will let you know it is verified to work on the iPad but so far so good :)
Swag bucks allows you to earn swag bucks for using their search engine and completing, surveys, entering polls, view videos, the best thing is they have a small daily target. If you complete this everyday you WILL have enough to have earned an iTunes voucher for absolutely free. It doesn't have to be iTunes you can browse all gifts when you sign up.

16 day challenge
Join Here
Complete your daily target (this can be done either by searching or doing just one quick survey worth 70 pts) most daily targets are between 60-120 points so it's sooooo easy!
Do this for 16 days (even sooner if you earn more in a day, and you can!)
Claim your prize

Simple, straight forward and easy to use, check it out!

I will show my proof of prize in the next week. Get a head start and join Here
Free App Slots Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
I was testing this new website for a review on this blog. This website is exclusive for iPad and the best thing is while testing this site I've won $60 in amazon vouchers! In the first week of using it! Proof below! Now I'm in the UK and have never used only the UK amazon but it's still possible for users from other countries other than the US to use dollar vouchers on 
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How can you do the same?
Simply visit Freeappslots
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Its a slot machine where you can win paid apps for free including
Angry birds star wars edition for iPad
Mass effect infiltrator for iPad
Need for speed most wanted for iPad
And the amazing quality grand theft auto: vice city for iPad
And more!
iTunes vouchers $10, $25 and $50
Amazon vouchers $5, $10, $25 and $50 (I collected a $50 and $10 vouchers)
I had 532,000 credits and I won 500,000 of those in one spin! 
Here's how I did it
1. Visit Freeappslots and install the profile (this links your iPad, iPhone, iPod to iTunes so you can get your free iTunes redeem codes for apps and free iTunes giftcards).
2. You can then press "spin" and start to use your first free spins. Collect your coins and cash out like a real fruit machine only this one gives you free ipad apps and more! Keep saving your coins for greater prizes.
Click cash out and see what apps are on offer for free and these are always upto date paid ipad apps, or grab some iTunes credit or amazon giftcards (paid out as soon as you claim it). The best thing is you really can get a free iPad mini, iPod touch or a new iPad with your credits. You can not only save money for an iPad in amazon vouchers, you can save your credits to buy one with directly from the site. It's also a great money making web app which you can save as an icon on your iPads home screen.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
3. You will start with a few spins and then you will get 2 spins daily.
You have to click on 'Get more spins' and download your first app and play it for 30 seconds then you will get your bonus of 15 spins.
You can then get a further 5 spins for each friend you refer.
How many people do you know with an iPhone/iPad or iPod?
You can also earn free apps by downloading and playing the free app for 30 seconds for an extra bonus of 15 spins.
You also get 3 spins for liking their Facebook page! 
Here's the payout table.
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I can confirm this site works well for the iPad and has great support via there Facebook page and a support forum. Join now and come back and let me know what you have claimed.
Swag bucks works!
I've just claimed my £10 iTunes gift card. I mentioned swag bucks before and I admit I left this site over Xmas while I was enjoying my holidays but when I returned I had received all my bonus points from the daily rewards section. I had enough for a £10 iTunes card and decided to cash out :)
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Get your swag bucks now by joining this site HERE and start searching! You can win points for using this google powered search engine quickly and easily as well as getting your free points from the NOSO section and daily polls. Reach your daily target for a big bumper load of extra points for searching daily and reaching your daily target. It's easy!! 
This is one of the best things to do on an iPad! Feature points, fun things to do on an ipad
This now works for your android devices too, earn double the rewards! I have been busy lately testing some new websites, many failed for the ipad and i never received any rewards, however this little gem turned out to be great, my amazon balance is now growing all the time.
If your looking for some make money ipad apps then this is the one for you.

Cool things to do on an ipad, best things to do on an ipad
By downloading free apple appstore apps you can earn points fast and easy, each app earns 90-500+ points.
There is a whole host of fun and cool prizes you can collect even on your first day!
Save your points and get Paid apps for free! Including apps like Angry birds star wars, bad piggies, Batman arkham city lockdown, Call of duty: Black Ops zombies, NOVA 3- near orbit vanguard alliance, The dark knight rises and infinity blade II.
Cashout daily for your apps or collect itunes giftcards, Amazon giftcards as low as $1 + (For just 600 points! Thats just a few free apps!)
Claim an iPad mini 16GB Wifi worth $329 straight from the prize wall!
You also get the chance to earn a whopping 50% of the points your friends get by referring them. If they download just one basic 90 point free app you get 45 points! And then the same on every app after for life! Ask yourself how many of your friends have an iPhone 4,4S,5, iPad,2,3,4, iPad mini, iPod touch? You can refer them all and earn 50% from each person! Then cash out daily or go for the iPad mini.
Are you good at making youtube videos well make that skill pay off for you by entering the monthly iPad competition. Create a video about feature points and submit it, and you can be chosen to win either an ipad mini (if your from the US or Canada) or $300 paypal gift (if you are outside the US or Canada). Your search for how to make easy money online with an ipad is over. I have found it to be one of the best things to do on ipad so far!
And you can either keep the free apps you downloaded or delete them once credited. This is a great way to find new releases of some of the best ipad apps available and you get paid for something you would have done for free anyway!
Want to get started? Heres the best guide around.

Join Feature points by clicking here.

Ipad 1, ipad 2, ipad 3, ipad 4 Install the profile as shown in this picture, as you will note this is safe and allows Feature points to identify your device this does not make any changes to your ipad.
best free apps for ipad

Once installed you will be able to save the page as an app on your home screen.
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Then you can start downloading free apps straight away using the links in feature points. Look for the top 5 apps that are around 170+ points each when you first start the majority after will be 90 points with a bonus of 45 for each friend who downloads that app too.
Make money ipad apps, iphone apps

Your then given the option to download the app or reccommend it to a friend for 50% of the points like in this iphone picture below.
Make money on an ipad

Make sure you keep the app open for atleast 30 seconds and complete any tutorials before you go back to feature points to ensure it credits. Once this is completed go back to feature points and continue on for a few more apps.

Check out the reward pages and claim a reward, whether its a free paid app from the appstore or amazon or itunes gift cards. Its really easy and any that are sold out just redeem early the next day. Apps are updated for all the popular apps and usually have around 150 copies of each app to be claimed everyday!

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
How to get an Apple TV for FREE with Xpango
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How It Works

Xpango uses a unique Credit system to reward their customers with Free Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, MP3 Players, HDTVs and Macs/PCs!

Each Gadget is received for Free in exchange for Credits which can be received from Xpango.

When you register with Xpango and select your Free Gift, you will receive a 'Referral ID' which is used to gain Credits.

Credits can easily be gained by either (or a combination of) participating in Xpango Offers, Referring Friends, or by purchasing a Clix Package.

Credit requirements for Gifts vary depending on the retail price of the selected Gift. More expensive Gifts require more Credits than less expensive Gifts. The diagram below details how the system works:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Heres a guide to getting yourself an apple tv for free and fast!
1) First you should join Xpango by clicking here

2) Once you have joined and chosen your gift
(here's where you choose your Apple TV)
3) Go to the My account page and you will see your offer.
4) You will see its just 11 credits! credits are easy to earn by referring friends and/ or by completing offers
5) Complete offers for multiple credits, and refer a friend or two and you will have your apple TV in no time.
6) The best thing is once you have your gift. You can start again and go for another one to sell on ebay or choose another gift! Keep doing this and you can get all the latest gadgets free for life!

More Free Apple accessories from Prizerebel

Another Prize Rebel Prize Update
Hello again, I wanted to show off some more Free apple accessories i got recently from Prize rebel. I had loads of points to spend recently and due to my success with winning amazon vouchers with freeappslots, featurepoints and two new sites i have been testing. I decided to save all my amazon vouchers for something big and finally spend my Prize rebel points on some new tech.
I have had to buy a second camera connection kit as my first one has broken (there is a small fragile switch on the side to change between usb/card reader and that snapped off)
Then a week later i decided to get this HDMI docking station, which allows me to plug my ipad into any HD tv and project my ipad screen onto the TV. It also charges, amplifys the sound to my surround sound and comes with a handy remote too. A truly wonderful piece of kit.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I also decided to buy a small bluetooth keyboard for use with the iPad HDMI docking station so i dont have to type while the ipad is docked.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I also claimed another £10 UK apple appstore voucher from swagbucks which has helped me buy the rest of the back to the future story apps.
I was saving for a new xbox 360 but i had bought one after xmas so im now looking for suggestions on what to spend my easy earned amazon vouchers on (maybe i may save them until the new xbox has been released around December 2013 or even the PS4).

Imagine getting the PS4 or New Xbox for free! As soon as its released! And you can follow my steps to do the same. Read through my blog and join all the programs as all can be run alongside eachother. I use the following sites to claim US and UK amazon vouchers (these can be saved in your amazon account until your ready to spend) and i use Prize rebel to get all my apple accessories for free.

Prize rebel (get free apple accessories or let them buy anything you choose from amazon or ebay and more)
Feature points (collect US amazon vouchers instantly, as featured above this site is great for getting $1-$10 regularly)
Freeappslots (again as featured above great for winning amazon vouchers, ipads, paid appstore apps all for free - just spin to win!)
Parrot points (please add ej8skqor under the been invited section to recieve your first 75 points) (new site referred by Harry Fair in the comments section)-(please comment again with your correct referral code as it says the code you provided me with is invalid)
Free my Apps (another new site tested and working and awaiting a review coming soon)
Swagbucks (I use this mainly to get quick amazon or itunes vouchers, usually takes around 10-14 days to earn a £10 voucher)
If you have a program you would like me to test and feature on the ipad, please leave a comment and ensure your referral code is correct so that i can join and earn under you.

All the reviews on this site are tested first and proven to work before being reviewed here. I check all these sites every couple of days and regularly claim free apple accessories and make money on my iPad in my spare time.

More reviews coming soon......

Get paid to watch videos on your ipad!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Hello readers! Today im bringing you news on a new app coming from Feature points.
In this new app called Flickpoints you are able to watch videos and get paid for each one!
First of all you should join Feature points and then download the flick points app from there. This ensures you get paid for downloading the flickpoints app too!
Feature points is great for trialing new apps and getting paid for downloading free apps, flickpoints is the new add-on app that allows you to watch 30 second video app trailers on your iPad, then use your reward points to exchange for Amazon, iTunes gift cards and many more or cash in and get a paid app from the appstore for free!
The balance on Feature points and the new Flick points are combined to make it easier to do both and get your rewards faster.
Its easy to do and can be done on 3/4G or wifi iPad, its as easy as downloading a free app from the apple app store! Join Feature points today and get paid to watch videos on your iPad.
With the iPad 5 just around the corner along with the iPad mini 2, many rumours are hinting towards an april 2013 new iPad 5 release date. 
I for one, am extremely excited as the rumours suggest the new ipad 5 could possibly have a whole redesign. While the iphone 5 got a wider screen and the new lightning connector, could we expect to see the same for the ipad 5? 
If your looking to buy an iPad 4 then you should definitely be waiting for the spring release of the iPad 5, although if you do go for an ipad 4 then shop around as many stores are now slashing the cost of the ipad 4 in anticipation of the new ipad 5.
Another great rumoured iPad 5 feature is the use of the apple A7 quad core processor and it could be thinner and lighter than the iPad 4. 
Whatever the outcome you can be sure it will be exciting. With current news reports stating the iPad is better than android tablets, the iPad 5 could be an android tablet killer - if apple get the price right for once :)

So now is a great time to get started with making money on your iPad, you can even start at home on your PC, at work or on your mobile!
By using Prize rebel you will be able to save up and get all the free accessories ready for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2's release date. This is great if you really want an iPad 5 or the mini 2 and cant afford to get one then join  Prize rebel and save up for one! Then when you have your free iPad 5 or free iPad mini 2, you will be able to get lots of referrals by showing off your new gadget and telling your friends how they can get one too.
The great thing about PR is that you can collect paypal cash and/or amazon gift cards that wont expire, so you can continue saving the gift cards until you are ready to spend them. If you want to get there faster then join  Feature points on your iPhone, iPad, iPod even your android device and earn fast cash-out free amazon gift codes just for downloading the free apps you normally would from the apple app store. 
 To read the full Prizerebel guide visit the top of the blog or click Here.